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If you are interested in a hunt, the first thing we need to do is connect on a phone call so that we can go over all the pertinent details and you can give us the information we need to complete a booking.

If you are ready to book and would like us to contact you, please call us at 740-586-3075 or fill out our Contact Form here and let us know the best time to reach you and we will contact you.

Once we speak on the phone & receive verbal agreement of your booking, we will invoice you for a 50% deposit & provide a contract at that time. Payments can be made by check or money order at this time. Once we receive the deposit, your agreed upon spot will be booked & the rest of the fee will be due before August 1st of the hunt year.

Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to following year in the case that a conflict arises & you cannot make your hunt. We ask hunters to keep the lines of communication open if you foresee a conflict with your hunt dates. This allows us to help find the best solution for everyone.

See our current available dates for the upcoming season below:​

2020 Bow Hunting Season Dates:
Week 1: October 26-30
Week 2: November 1-5
Week 3: November 7-11
Week 4: November 13-17
Week 5: November 19-23

2021 Muzzle Loader Season: TBA

We cannot stress enough how much scent control affects your hunt. Please take precautions with cleaning your clothes properly.  Please use scent free detergent made for this purpose. We will have scent free body/hair soap available, but feel free to bring your own. We also strongly discourage the use of artificial deer scents in the woods. These scents are totally foreign to these deer and not helpful or necessary.

Field Scoring Practice

Ohio DNR

Scent Control

Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting

Please prepare yourself by bringing the proper clothing for your Ohio whitetail hunt. The temperature range during your hunt could be as high as 80 degrees and as low as below zero. To better your odds of a successful hunt, we do not discourage you from hunting in rain, snow, etc., so please come prepared to hunt in all types of weather. If you have questions about what to bring for clothing, please let us know.

Hunting Transportation

We begin our bow hunting season for Ohio Whitetail Deer the last couple of weeks in October and runs through November, although exact dates vary from year to year (See Next Season’s Dates Below). We also host a small group for muzzle loader season in January (See Next Season’s Dates Below).

At times, we also have late season and other special hunt packages, which can be arranged by contacting us. Our bow hunts are generally scheduled with five full days of deer hunting and four full days for muzzle loader.

Hunters arrive after 3 PM the day before the first hunt day, and departure is the morning after the last hunt day. Flexible arrival/departure dates can be arranged by contacting us, but we cannot guarantee a price reduction.

Field Scoring Deer

Whitetail Deer Hunting Equipment

  • Bows or crossbow with sling
  • Arrows/Broadheads (Mechanical broad heads are permitted.)
  • Quiver
  • Release
  • Backpack
  • Safety Harness
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Hunting License/Tags (Check & Double Check)
  • Binoculars

We take safety seriously

SAFETY BELTS are REQUIRED for tree stand hunting; no homemade belts will be permitted. If you need a safety belt, we can provide you with one. Hunters found without a safety belt, or are unwilling to wear one, will be asked to leave.

FLASHLIGHTS are necessary. Bring a good flashlight.

IT IS COMMON to have anxiety or fear about walking the woods in the dark or the height of the stand. Let us know during your booking so we can make arrangements accordingly.  Please know this is very common and it makes it easier if we know. We are discrete and there is no need to be embarrassed. Our goal is for you to have a safe and enjoyable hunt.

PREPARATION IS KEY to a successful hunt. We ask hunters to inspect their equipment and practice regularly before the hunt. This is for your safety and for the safety of the animal. We have a 60-yard archery range available for practice and we encourage you to shoot and practice once you arrive. We want you to be as prepared as possible when the buck you’ve been waiting for crosses your path.

Whitetail Hunting License and Tags

Hunting Safety

What's Included in Your Whitetail Hunt:

Ohio requires all first-time hunters to complete a hunter’s safety course to purchase an Ohio license. Hunters will need proof of completing a hunter’s safety course or a previously used hunting license with a government-issued identification to purchase your Ohio hunting permit. Your Hunting License and tags can be purchased through the ODNR.

Booking a Whitetail Hunt

Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting

Transportation to and from hunting areas is included. Our guides are with you right until drop-off, and will be waiting to hear from you once you are secure in the stand. You will be picked up shortly after your whitetail hunt is over. If your bow hunt is successful, we will help you track your whitetail deer and transport it to the lodge to score and dress it. We take photographs with your buck in a scenic setting. We hang a copy on our wall and give a copy to the hunter. We welcome you to bring your own cameras and phones to take photos as well.

We will transport the deer to the meat processor and taxidermist and help you navigate all of those transactions.

What each hunter deems necessary to bring on a hunt, with a Deer Hunting Outfitter, varies widely from person to person. Generally speaking – Here’s a basic list adapted from the extensive list found here at the Bow Hunter's Checklist:

As we’ve stated before, we are passionate about quality wildlife management. One way we do this is through adhering to our 130” minimum policy. We know that field scoring a buck this way is new for many of our guests, so we ask that they educate themselves about how to field score a whitetail deer. We have provided here some resources for you to look at - please take some time and effort to learn, so that you will be ready to accurately identify the deer you will want to shoot.

Here are some links that will help you learn how to field score a deer:

Please let us know if you have questions about this. When you get to the lodge, we can go over examples of various sizes using mounts, but please take some time to learn the tools and tips provided here so you are even more prepared.

Ohio Deer Hunt

What's Not Included in Your Whitetail Hunt:

Hunting License and Either Sex Deer Tag: Your Hunting License and tags can be purchased through the ODNR. We encourage guests to have printed copies of your paperwork.

Meat Processing: We know local options for meat processing and can help you make
arrangements, but the hunter will be responsible for all costs associated with
processing. (Typically, $50 for butchering and $70 for caping).

Taxidermy: Again, we can point you in the direction of the best options based on what
you would like to do with your deer, but the hunter will be responsible for all costs
associated with mounting your deer. If you’d rather use your own favorite taxidermist,
we can help you get the deer prepared for safe and legal transport out of state – by
having it's skull capped with membrane removed (Typically, $70).

Sleeping arrangements in our hunting lodge will be provided. We have a variety of
room options, and can accommodate singles, pairs and groups. (See more on
Hunting Lodge page). We will provide you with hot homemade breakfast, served an hour before the earliest departure time, bagged lunches with homemade snacks, and family style homemade dinners & dessert (Hunting Lodge). We have a heated/air-conditioned exterior building where our guests store all of their whitetail hunting gear locked up and ready to go each day.

Preparing to go Whitetail Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Clothing

  • Rangefinder
  • Hand Warmers
  • Rain Gear
  • Hat &Gloves
  • Layers of clothing/gear for wide range of temperatures.
  • Boots
  • Socks
  • Scent Free Laundry Soap/Body Soap
  • Scent Eliminating Spray

Contact Form

Each hunter picks a property at the start of their stay with us. Our two guides, Jason and Doug, take ample time with each hunter, going over the details of the spot selected, showing maps and property lines, instructing them on how to get in and out of the spots safely and discreetly, any trail camera photos available, latest activity, and any other backstory that will help the hunter step into this spot as if it were his own private spot
back home. Each morning, over a hot breakfast, the weather and wind is discussed, and if necessary, our guides will move you to a stand with a better setup for the weather and wind expected.

Hunting Lodge
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