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Flint Ridge Outfitters

When Jason came here 17 years ago, an avid hunter experienced in hunting the New England states, he knew these lands were home to some amazing deer. If you visit us, Jason’s father Tom will likely tell you all the stories from back in the day when they came hunting. He and Jason came here together for years and really grew to love it.

Jason’s understanding of and wisdom about the growth, evolution and patterns of whitetail, paired with his passion for growing some seriously impressive deer was a great match for our other guide Doug, who was here before all of us, and has longtime experience of hunting these lands that is exhaustive. He knows every property, every trail and every stand with precision. These two have developed a strong working relationship over the years and now they are a well-oiled machine in creating the best conditions for deer growth and designing the perfect setup for a stand.

Amy joined the crew several years ago, and makes sure that everyone is well fed and the lodge feels like home. Together, we have all built Flint Ridge Outfitters to be a great place to go to hunt hard, rest well, have fun, learn new things, and if you’re lucky, go home with a trophy buck to remind you of the great time you had here.

Hunting Stands

Besides giving the bucks the best conditions for sustainable growth, we also practice responsible maintenance by requesting a 130” minimum of any deer harvested within our property. We make it a point to teach our guests how to properly score a deer using the Pope & Young method by sending helpful guides ahead of your hunt, and showing you examples once you arrive. It works in everybody’s favor to let these deer mature to their potential – we want to be sure our hunters understand this, and
have the tools they need in order to accurate field score the buck they see. (See Prepare for your Hunt on the
Deer Hunting page).

We also limit the number of hunters we take each year. We have a shorter season than some other outfitters and we only ever take a maximum of 11 guests per week. This allows us to have plenty of space and plenty of stands available, so that the areas that need to rest, can rest, and the areas with high potential can be seated.

Our Hunting Properties

Flint Ridge Outfitters is located in East Central Ohio, approximately 45 minutes east of Columbus, OH. We have a whitetail deer hunting property in Licking, Perry and Muskingum counties. These counties have produced huge numbers of the trophy deer taken here in Ohio.

The terrain on our properties can be anything from gently rolling land to steep ridges and valleys. Some farms are quite agriculturally developed, and some are heavily wooded. Most timber properties have food plots of corn, soybean or alfalfa to concentrate the deer and keep them happy on our farms. Our farms range in size from 70 acres to 1000 acres. All farms are privately owned by landowners – leased
and managed by Flint Ridge Outfitters.

Field Scoring a Deer
Flint Ridge Outfitters
Ohio Hunting Properties

One of the things that is most important to Flint Ridge Outfitters is that we believe it is our responsibility to our clients and even more so, to the sustainability of a healthy whitetail buck population, to give each buck the opportunity to grow to its full potential. We use guidelines put forth by QDMA – Quality Deer Management Association and do everything we know to responsibly maintain the herd.

Flint Ridge Outfitters is a destination location for hunters looking for the authentic whitetail deer hunting experience of sitting in a thoughtfully placed stand in a prime location, from dawn to dusk, fully immersed in the surroundings – awaiting the moment of opportunity at the buck of a lifetime, to inevitably reveal itself.

Quality Wildlife Management and FRO


Our Stands and Blinds

About Flint Ridge Outfitters

Each farm has a number of stands strategically placed around the property. Trails are marked clearly with bright eyes reflective tacks and each hunter will get a full explanation of each trail before heading out. We encourage hunters to come with a good flashlight (See More in Preparing for Your Hunt on our Deer Hunting page).

Most of our stands are between 18 to 24 feet high, depending on terrain. The stands are set in travel routes, food areas, and funnel-type areas.

We hang stands earlier in the year, so the properties are not disturbed closer to season. We are very diligent about preserving the land as much and often as possible – we do what we need to do in there, and then we get out and let it sit.